Uncommon sense

I stumbled out of the temporal elevator after the long ride down to 1977. From the outside, it looked like a gray, metal, military-issue filing cabinet in a storage closet. Krysal popped out a moment later, already reviewing the mission dossier.

“It looks like we’re supposed to fix some kind…


Searching, aimless in the rain

Ol’ Lucy, she’s wearin’ the blues
and carryin’ one of her shoes
across the road.

Nobody really knows her
she’s just a shell that was her
an outline of that Lucy long ago.

Ol’ Lucy’s goin’ nowhere
this curb’s as good as that one there
the crossin’ is just somethin’ she can…

One day early makes all the difference

The big ship quivers as its entangled hyperdrive shuts down at the end of the long trip from Earth. I watch through the portal expecting to feel something, some sense of homecoming. …


Wishful thinking

If only your first love had been me
we wouldn’t be dining apart tonight
alone with our separate miseries
strangers trapped by our own candlelight.

There’d be no worries on your pretty face
if only your first love had been me
a lifetime of smiles would leave their trace
to frame the essence…

We’re all in this together

“Marg, come look at this guy. It’s disgusting!”

Frank clicked the video replay button and Marg watched with obvious disgust as a man casually walked naked across a city park. Outside!

“What do the nudies think they’re doing. It’s just not acceptable anymore. Filthy!” she said.

“I mean, it’s bad…


And the frightful noise

Snug in the womb.
The race of life has not begun
the zero-hour soon to come
your time is up, your rest is done
the starter counts and fires his gun.

A flash of light.
The laughs and cheers of boisterous kin
a frightful noise, a loving din
this warm confinement nears its…


A bridge from the unknowable

Chaotic systems are weird. The behaviors of some simple physical devices like the double pendulum or simple electronic “jerk” circuits with only a few basic components are governed by nonlinear differential equations and, for certain initial conditions, behave in ways that seem unpredictable and, well, chaotic. …


With apologies to The Lovin’ Spoonful

I’d like to talk about god now. Not your god. I don’t know anything about what you personally believe with regard to a deity. And I sure don’t want to run into any faux pas when writing about this, like capitalization errors or mischaracterizations or (god forbid) blasphemies. I want…


A place of understanding

The villa

The idea was to get away with my wife, Lisa, from the dutiful monotony of home and work, and from the lies we told ourselves. It’ll be okay. The grief will pass. It’s all for the best. He’s in a better place. They had become less comforting and more like…


About writing that is

You’ve probably noticed that a large percentage of the creative writing published on Medium is about…writing. I often find this quite disappointing.

I like to read Medium these days for some of the same reasons I once enjoyed traveling in the time before the great pandemic — to learn about…

Jim Dutton

Writer, Musician, Carpenter, Inventor, Entrepreneur

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